Emma Sansom

Newest to the team, Emma has spent the last 8 years falling in love with Marketing and all that it entails. From researching, to writing, to planning and measuring – she’s happiest when she’s got a big project to manage from start to finish and she can talk for hours about business and marketing…well, she can talk for hours about anything! Favourite Motto/Phrase: ‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ Fun Fact: Marketing by day, performing by night – Emma is involved with local musical theatre – so lots of singing, dancing and jazz hands! Favourite Films: Anything that involves people breaking into song for absolutely no reason! Inspired by: Walt Disney – both from a business perspective but also the way he looks at the world. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Professional Experience & Areas of Expertise I may not be able to help you with ALL of your L&D related questions just yet (as I’m still fairly new to the industry), but anything to do with marketing, business and team management – get in touch and I’ll do my best! I’ve been living and breathing marketing since 2009, I’ve got a BA Honours Degree in Marketing & Media and I’ve headed up a team of 16 marketers and helped hundreds of business owners grow their business with the help of…you guessed it…marketing! Completed TAP Certificates: Learning Needs Analysis Connect with Emma on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Website: https://www.tap-training.com/who-are-the-training-foundation/meet-the-team/emma-sansom/