Emma Sansom

Newest to the team, Emma has spent the last 8 years falling in love with Marketing and all that it entails. From researching, to writing, to planning and measuring – she’s happiest when she’s got a big project to manage from start to finish and she can talk for hours about business and marketing…well, she can talk for hours about anything! Favourite Motto/Phrase: ‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ Fun Fact: Marketing by day, performing by night – Emma is involved with local musical theatre – so lots of singing, dancing and jazz hands! Favourite Films: Anything that involves people breaking into song for absolutely no reason! Inspired by: Walt Disney – both from a business perspective but also the way he looks at the world. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Professional Experience & Areas of Expertise I may not be able to help you with ALL of your L&D related questions just yet (as I’m still fairly new to the industry), but anything to do with marketing, business and team management – get in touch and I’ll do my best! I’ve been living and breathing marketing since 2009, I’ve got a BA Honours Degree in Marketing & Media and I’ve headed up a team of 16 marketers and helped hundreds of business owners grow their business with the help of…you guessed it…marketing! Completed TAP Certificates: Learning Needs Analysis Connect with Emma on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Website: https://www.tap-training.com/who-are-the-training-foundation/meet-the-team/emma-sansom/

Subject Matter Experts are from Mars, Trainers are from Venus

…yet the relationship can work incredibly well. At times; there is a bond, there is trust and there is support for one another. At other times, emotions can run high with “heated discussions”, one giving the other silent treatment and both parties displaying general signs of ‘grumpiness or bitchiness’. Is it professional or mature? No. Can it happen? Yes, sadly. Regardless of your job, the feelings and behaviours may sound familiar.…

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