Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Our new identity

TAP Learning, the specialists in Learning and Development courses and qualifications, have long been acknowledged as leaders in their field but over recent years our identity and mission had become slightly confused which we felt it essential to address.

We have therefore been working hard since the start of 2019 to refocus on where our key strengths lie. This has led to the development of our new strategy which states that:

We work with Learning and Development (L&D) professionals helping them build the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to support organisational strategy and empower talent over the short, medium and long-term.

This simple statement powerfully supports our approach of working closely with clients on a truly consultative basis to better understand their organisational requirements and develop solutions that will genuinely address those strategic requirements.

Alongside this update we also had a look at our brand identity and felt that it was starting to look a bit dated – and also rather confused following our acquisition by QA, the UK’s leading digital education and skills provider, back in late 2016.

We therefore listened to customer feedback and decided that TAP Learning would place a far greater emphasis on what we do to help our clients improve their L&D effectiveness – as well as highlighting our highly regarded TAP Certificates and Diplomas. We believe that our new identity will help in boosting awareness of the value of our prestigious learning and development qualifications to our learners.

Through 2019 we will be rolling out this new look across all of our collateral – all the way from headed paper, TAP Certificates and Diplomas through to site signage, websites and social media. We have also worked to best ensure that we align what we do with what we teach – so, for example, our default font is now Open Sans in line with our ever popular TAP Certificate in Creating Visual Impact.

If you are reading this from outside the UK we now have TAP Learning microsites in Russia, United Arab Emirates and India to help both organisations and individuals access our TAP Learning qualifications – why not have a look today?

Finally, for our TAP Learning graduates; if you would like a copy of the new logo for your email signatures or stationery please contact Sarah Long at TAP Learning ( who will be happy to help.

On which note, to keep up with what we’re doing why not follow us on social media – simply search for @TAPLearningQA

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you onto one of our fantastic TAP learning and development courses and qualifications soon.


Author: Andrew Gill