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Like any skill, training delivery skills may decline over time, so regular reassessment is essential to keep the skills fresh and maintain quality. TAP® recertification enables trainers to undergo regular reassessment against the TAP® Training Delivery Skills criteria.

The day starts at 9:30am to allow for travelling time and save on overnight accommodation and subsistence expenses.


This one-day recertification course is suitable for trainers whose TAP® Certificate in Training Delivery Skills was issued a year or more ago.

In certain circumstances trainers who did not achieve the necessary standard for the award of a TAP Certificate at the end of their Training Delivery Skills course may also be invited to attend. In this case the objective is to determine if the trainer can now reach the required standard for certification.

We recommend that participants bring a laptop with them if they have one. If not, we can make other arrangements.


Participants will plan and deliver a training session that will be evaluated against the TAP® Training delivery assessment criteria.

The course includes

  • Pre-course preparation
  • Submission of session materials to TAP® for review at least 10 days before the scheduled assessment day


Session 1: Review of the TAP® methodology and criteria

  • How to structure a session
  • How to deliver with style
  • How to deliver a balanced training session

Session 2: Deliver assessed session

  • Deliver individual sessions
  • Receive feedback and development advice

Special Notices

This is also available as an online self-study option - please contact us for details.

Course Dates