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This day gives holders of the TAP Certificate in Assessing TAP Delivery the opportunity to renew their certificate which is valid for 12 months and which, under the Code of Practice, is a requirement to renew. Certified Assessors will review how to objectively assess training delivery skills from style, structure and balance perspectives, based upon the TAP methodologies.

What's included in the course?

  • Pre-course work
  • Assessment practise
  • Assessment

Who is it for?

TAP Assessors who require to renew their TAP Assessing certificate for a further 12 months and who has been designated to carry out regular assessment of internal or external trainers as part of their quality assurance procedures.

What the delegates will learn

  • Revisit the content of the Training Delivery course from an assessor perspective
  • Gain verification that assessing skills are accurate

Next steps

  • Assessor Verification - the certificate's one-year expiry date maintains TAP's quality assurance procedures and ensures that TAP Accreditation remains dynamic and current


  • Delegates are required to hold a TAP Certificate in Assessing TAP Delivery
  • Delegates are required to hold a TAP Certificate in Training Delivery issued within the last three years


  • Assess a recorded training session so that the Structure, Style and Activity Profiles have variations in no more than two categories / activities per profile from the TAP Learning results
  • Complete an agreed number of live practice assessments in your workplace to TAP assessor guidelines (certificate awarded once practice assessments verified)

Course Dates