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This blended course will provide delegates with a framework to provide a toolkit of appropriate resources to support workplace performance from on-demand online content and how-to videos to ‘in the workflow’ trouble-shooting guides and templates for use at the point of need whether in conjunction with a training programme or where none is available or required.

The course is delivered as a blended format comprising three parts over a 3 to 4 week period; two live online session with self-paced activities followed by a two-day classroom event with assessed project work on the design of a performance support resource.

What’s included in the course

  • Part 1: Tutor-led online session (1 hour): ‘What is Performance Support?’ and self-paced online activities (approx 3 hours)
  • Part 2: Self-paced online activities including reading, eLearning, and project work (approx 4 hours) and tutor-led online session ‘Planning for performance support’ (1 hour)
  • Part 3: Two-day practical workshop, building on Parts 1 and 2. Planning, group discussions and producing a prototype for a work-based performance support resource

What the delegates will learn

  • Establish the role of performance support and its use within formal and informal learning solutions
  • Apply a framework for designing content aligned to specific performance requirements
  • Select the appropriate performance support tools and apply best practice guidelines
  • Establish a robust repository of support resources

Next steps

Other TAP Certificates that might be of interest are:

  • eLearning Design
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • Digital Writing Skills


This course is suitable for L&D professionals who want to learn about designing and developing workplace support materials. There are no formal prerequisities for attending.


Delegates will create a prototype of a performance support resource to fulfil a specific performance need.


Part 1 Live online session includes:

  • Tutor-led online session (1 hour): ‘What is Performance Support?’
  • Self-paced activities (approx 3 hours)
    • Research and critique example performance resources
    • Forum task commenting on a blog post

Part 2 Live online session includes:

  • Self-paced activities (approx 4 hours)
    • Complete eLearning module 'Coming to terms with performance'
    • Research and report on production tools for creating resources
    • Complete the assignment template - analysis and concept ideas for your own workplace project and submit for tutor feedback
  • Tutor-led online session (1 hour) ‘Planning for Performance Support’ which is a follow-up and review of the self-study activities

Part 3 Classroom workshop includes:

  • Two-day practical workshop, building on Parts 1 and 2
    • Task analysis and breaking down the content into clear, easy-to-follow steps
    • Media elements (writing the text/ working with images/ recording IT simulations/ working with audio and video)
    • Visual planning and scripting
    • Build a prototype for your own workplace project
    • Tutor and peer feedback on prototypes
    • Testing and reviewing the resources
    • Implementing, evaluating and maintaining support resources

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