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L&D is becoming more strategic. Important business and regulatory drivers are now leading many organisations to take employee training more seriously. At the same time, the rapid pace of business and technological change demands constant monitoring and review of the L&D strategy. All of this is making the effective management of an L&D function highly important and challenging.
L&D Managers help define the direction of their teams. They implement best-practice L&D processes and report results in a form that is meaningful to the senior leadership team.


Any L&D Manager with responsibility to deliver on the training strategy. It will be particularly useful for recently appointed L&D Managers.


The learning objectives for Effective L&D Management include:
  • Understanding the role of an L&D Manager
  • Developing a basic L&D strategy
  • Managing risk in a changing environment
  • Analysing stakeholders
  • Developing an L&D Charter
  • Evaluating learning effectiveness
  • Improving quality standards


Session 1: Introduction to effective L&D management
  • Efficient and effective practices
  • The L&D management model
  • Identifying drivers and relationships
Session 2: Improving quality standards
  • The importance of quality
  • Balancing quality with time and cost
  • The L&D benchmarking tool
  • Actions to improve quality based on the benchmarking tool
Session 3: Developing the L&D strategy
  • The L&D strategy model
  • Developing a strategy using the template
  • Analysing stakeholders
  • Raising the profile of L&D
Session 4 Analysing stakeholders
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Understanding their needs
  • Managing relationships with them
Session 5: Managing risk
  • Understanding risk
  • Identifying risks
  • Risk management
Session 6: Sharing the values
  • The values that drive L&D
  • The L&D charter
  • L&D charter elements
  • Embedding the charter
Session 7: Evaluating effectiveness
  • Evaluating the L&D function
  • The Kirkpatrick model of evaluation
  • Effective results
  • Return on investment
  • Management reporting

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