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This 5-week online programme will help L&D professionals transfer skills from face-to-face delivery to designing engaging eLearning. Will help L&D professionals, with experience of designing or developing other forms of adult learning, to apply their skills to designing bite-sized eLearning modules. It includes how to add the important human element into online learning and how to create stimulating, engaging and effective content.

What the delegates will learn

  • Design effective and engaging eLearning modules
  • Bring to life boring content through the use of storytelling and scenarios
  • Storyboard information and interactive slides to best practice standards
  • Learn through experience working on your own project

What's included in the course?

  • Tutor-led weekly one hour WebEx sessions (5 in total)
  • 3-4 hours self-study each week to include forum discussions and project work

Next steps

  • Blended Learning
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • Digital Learning Strategy
  • Online Facilitation Skills


This course is ideal for L&D professionals who wish to design eLearning self-study modules


Create a detailed storyboard for your own project meet the TAP eLearning Design Profile

Leading to the TAP Certificate in eLearning Design


Week one - Creating Engaging eLearning
Tutor-led WebEx session (1 hour)

  • Share ideas on what makes eLearning engaging
  • Critique some examples
  • Objectives and valid tests

Self-study: think of a topic and complete the analysis template for your project (approx. 3 hours)

Week two - Learning and Visual Design
Tutor-led WebEx session (1 hour)

  • Key stages of the development process
  • Differences between e-information and eLearning
  • Ways of structuring eLearning following the five stages of the learning process
  • Designing activities to hold students' attention and enabling practise of new skills
  • Selecting the media elements that are appropriate for the learning such as text, voice over, video, animation
  • Consider the basics of visual design, selecting relevant graphic and fonts

Self-study: look at examples for inspiration, group forum activity and project work (approx. 3 hours)

Week three - Storyboarding
Tutor-led WebEx session (1 hour)

  • Creating a storyboard using Word or PowerPoint to include all the onscreen text, voice-over, instructions, explanations, questions and supportive feedback
  • Ensuring there is a balance of informational and interactive slides

Self-study: storyboarding your project (approx. 3 hours)

Week four - Getting Started with eLearning Tools
Tutor-led WebEx session (1 hour)

  • Overview of tools on the market
  • Share development tips
  • Hands on practice

Self-study: submit project work for feedback and sign off (approx. 3 hours)

Week Five - Steps to Success
Tutor-led WebEx session (1 hour)

  • Share project work for peer feedback
  • Tips on quality assurance

Course Dates

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