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This course includes how to facilitate an engaging webinar session from building rapport at the start through to keeping the participants attention throughout. The programme also covers how to structure an interactive and collaborative webinar. This is a practical, skills-based course so participants will get hands-on practice with the tools so will be up and running ready to design and facilitate webinars back in the workplace.


What's included in the course?

  • Part 1: Participate in a live online webinar (1 hour) and complete self-paced activities (approx. 3 hours of study)
  • Part 2: Two-day classroom workshop
  • Part 3: Assessment day (9am-1pm UK time) (online)


What the delegates will learn

  • The 4-stage online facilitation model
  • How to structure an effective and interactive webinar
  • Explore ideas for self-paced online activities
  • Facilitating and hosting webinars
  • Delivering with style and confidence
  • The five secrets of engaging online sessions
  • Technical and trouble-shooting skills


Next steps

Other TAP Certificate that might be of interest:

  • Blended Learning
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • eLearning Design


This course is ideal for L&D professionals with classroom training experience, subject matter experts, or anyone who needs to gain practical experience of facilitating webinars.


Delegates plan and deliver a 15-minute webinar and facilitate a 5-minute self-paced activity, to meet the Online Facilitation Skills Profile.


Part one

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘The Online Facilitation Model’ (1 hour)
    • How to ensure participants can access the learning platform easily
    • How to build rapport and get to know your online group
    • Ideas for creating collaborative online learning
    • How to ensure that the learning is applied back in the workplace
  • Self-study- critique example webinars and project work thinking of a topic for the assessment day in part 3 (approx. 3 hours)


Part two

Day one classroom


Role of an Online Facilitator

  • Transferring skills from classroom to online
  • Role of a host and facilitator


Tools of an Online Facilitator

  • What tools to look for in a web-conferencing tool?
  • Digital tools for self-paced activities
  • How to use the tools creatively for more participative sessions
  • Role of a host
  • Pre-session set-up, opening and closing a webinar


Hands on practice

  • Each participant delivers approx. first 5 minutes of a webinar session
  • Group and tutor feedback


Evening work

  • Draft the structure/slides for your own session (approx. 1 hour)


Day two classroom


The Five Secrets of Engaging Online Sessions

  • The benefits of interaction to keep participant’s attention online
  • How to structure an effective webinar
  • Ideas on how to design eye-catching slides
  • How to deliver online with style and confidence
  • Using a mix of live and self-paced activities


Trouble-shooting scenarios

  • Group discussion on technical and trouble-shooting scenarios and how to handle/minimise


Project work

  • Write your joining instructions email
  • Design approx. 15 slides for your 20 minutes assessed webinar in part 3
  • Plan your 5 minute self-paced activity


Part three


Assessment day

  • Tutor-led online session: ‘Assessment Day’
    • Facilitate your own 15 minute live online session
    • Facilitate a 5 minute self-paced online activity
    • Participate in the facilitated activities of others in the group
    • Tutor feedback

Special Notices


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