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This is a three-part blended programme consisting of online activities and a 2-day classroom workshop. Will help transfer skills from face-to-face delivery to online facilitation of webinars. It includes techniques for building rapport online, keeping the audience engaged throughout live online sessions and making learning collaborative and interactive. Learners will also consider how to facilitate distance learning courses. This is a practical, skills-based course so participants will get hands-on practice using webinar tools to enable them to apply their learning straight away.


What the delegates will learn

  • A model for online facilitation
  • Building interaction into webinars
  • Facilitating and hosting webinars
  • Delivering with style and confidence
  • Technical and trouble-shooting skills
  • Gaining ideas for self-paced online activities


What's included in the course?

  • Part 1: Participate in a live online webinar and complete self-paced activities (approximately 3-4 hours of study)
  • Part 2: Attend a 2-day classroom workshop, plus evening work
  • Part 3: Prepare and deliver a 15-minute webinar and facilitate a self-paced activity (up to 10 hours of project work, including assessment day)


Next steps

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  • Blended Learning
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • Digital Learning Strategy
  • eLearning Design


The course is ideal for L&D professionals with classroom training experience, subject matter experts, or anyone who needs to gain practical experience of facilitating online learning.


Delegates will:

  • Plan and deliver a 15-minute webinar and facilitate a 5-minute self-paced activity, to meet the Online Facilitation Skills Profile
  • Participate in the facilitated activities of others in the group

Leading to the TAP Certificate in Online Facilitation Skills


Online - The Online Facilitation Model
In this session, we consider:

  • How to ensure participants can access the learning platform easily
  • How to building rapport and getting to know your online group
  • Ideas for creating collaborative online learning
  • How to ensure that the learning is applied back in the workplace

Self-study:critique example webinars, think of a topic for your project (approximately 2-3 hours of study)


Classroom workshop

Session 1 - Roles of an Online Facilitator
In this session, we consider:

  • The difference between the roles of host and online facilitator
  • How to offer proactive support
  • The additional skills required from face to face to online delivery


Session 2 - Hands on with Web-conferencing tools
In this session, we consider:

  • The variety of online tools and technologies
  • Developing interaction in the online environment
  • Pre- and post- session set-up
  • Hands on practice


Session 3 - The Secrets of Engaging Online Sessions
In this session, we consider:

  • The benefits of interaction to keep participant’s attention online
  • How to structure an effective webinar
  • Ideas on how to design eye-catching slides
  • How to delivery online with style and confidence
  • Communicating effectively with your learners
  • Trouble-shooting scenarios


Online - Assessment Day (9am-1pm UK time)
In this final online session, you will:

  • Facilitate your own 15-minute live online session
  • Facilitate a 5-minute self-paced online activity
  • Participate in the facilitated activities of others in the group
  • Tutor feedback

Special Notices

This course is delivered as a blended format comprising three parts over a 3 to 4 week period; a live online session with self-paced activities, a two-day classroom event followed by a final assessment day online where each delegate delivers a 20 minute live online session.

It is also available as a 5 week tutor supported programme, For details of this programme please contact us.

Blended classroom programme

Part 1 – Online

  • Tutor-led online session (1 hour): ‘The Online Facilitation Model’
  • Self-paced activities of a critique of some webinar recordings (approx. 1 hour) and choosing a topic for your 20 minute live online session you will deliver in part 3 (approx. 1 hour)

Part 2 – Two-day classroom workshop to include:

  • how to structure an effective live online session
  • how to adapt your delivery style from face to face to online
  • hands on with the WebEx tools and troubleshooting skills (technical and potential challenges within a group)

Part 3 – Online assessment day(s) over two days (5 hours online per day): Each member of the group delivers and participates in the assessed live online sessions with feedback provided by your peers followed by a formal individual feedback from your tutor

Course Dates

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