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Now more than ever, L&D professionals must be an integral part of an organisation’s digital transformation, providing learning support which will help employees use new technology.

It’s easy to overlook the challenges employees’ face when they must adapt to the changes in their roles brought about by new technology. Too often organisations focus on the technology itself, without giving enough thought to the impact on the people affected by it.

This one-day non-certificate course covers the benefits of early involvement for L&D professionals in digital transformation projects. It will help L&D professionals plan learning support into a digital transformation, rather than merely ‘bolt it on’ at the end.


L&D professionals who want to know how to fully support a digital transformation. Participants might be in a management role, but this is not mandatory.


Participants will reflect on how they can better support digital transformation in their organisation.

What participants will learn:

  • Understanding digital transformation
  • Recognise the key technologies of digital transformation
  • Considering the learner in a digital transformation
  • The role of L&D in supporting digital transformation


Session 1: Defining Digital Transformation

  • The 4th industrial revolution
  • Defining digital transformation
  • Divers of digital transformation
  • The technologies of digital transformation

Session 2: Digital Transformation for the learner

  • Digital transformation from a learner’s perspective
  • Supporting the learner in the digital transformation process

Session 3: The role of L&D in supporting Digital Transformation

  • Case study: ‘Project Genesis’
  • Why digital transformation can fail
  • Focusing on the learning requirement
  • Supporting change
  • Skills required of an effective L&D professional during digital transformation

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