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One of the key challenges for business in the 21st Century is Talent Management; this comes at a time of dramatic changes to working patterns which many believe will become even more complex as a direct result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

It is against this backdrop of 4IR that professionals working in Talent Management roles will be challenged with delivering a highly skilled workforce despite the ongoing move towards more flexible employment with fewer directly employed staff and a more fluid workforce who will have less brand loyalty.

The challenge for employers will be to find new ways of attracting, identifying, developing, engaging and – most importantly – retaining key staff who are seen as essential to delivering the future strategy of the organisation across the short, medium and long-term.

This is where we can help professionals working in Talent Management with all of our courses being designed to help develop talent within an organisation.

This can come in the form of training your trainers to upskill your key team members to help them meet the challenges of delivering 4IR through to upskilling specific members of your organisation, such as subject matter experts, to help them transfer knowledge effectively to newer members of the team.

By prioritising talent management as a strategic imperative, organisations can start to develop a workforce fit to meet the challenges of 4IR. Our team are here to work with Learning and Development professionals in achieving this goal.

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