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Many people will describe themselves as a trainer – but how do you know that you are actually training your delegates and not simply talking at them?

In many cases people are appointed as trainers because they are a recognised Subject Matter Expert (SME) in their particular field or are co-opted into the role. However, one of the recognised issues with this approach is that the trainers don’t always understand what their delegates don't know – or how well their knowledge has been absorbed and understood by delegates at the end of their training course.

This is where the role of training the trainer courses becomes vital to the success of learning.

In this specialism of ‘training the trainer’ the emphasis is on providing the trainers with a toolkit to assess what their delegates will need to know, how they can best transfer their knowledge to the delegates in their courses and finally how to ensure that their delegates have actually absorbed the key points of that training.

Here at TAP Learning we do not profess to know as much about our delegates operations as they do nor do we have specific product knowledge. What we do have is over 20-years expertise in providing high quality train the trainer courses; our methodology has been well proven – and rewarded with two Queens Awards for Enterprise: Innovation.

With over 40,000 TAP Qualified professionals now helping to train the trainer isn’t it time you found out more about gaining your own TAP Certificate or Diploma?

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