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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are more than just content experts, they’re critical in the effective transfer of skills and knowledge to others. Project launches, product updates and IT roll-outs are just a few of the initiatives that require SME support.

However, there is also an inherent expectation that because the SMEs understand the 'WHAT' they will understand the 'HOW' of training.

It is vital to realise that whilst there are often standards relating to content, (the ‘WHAT’), this only makes up 50% of the learning equation. Equal consideration needs to be given to the ‘HOW’ if training is to be truly effective; this is often referred to as training the trainer and is where we are experts.

How training is delivered has the greatest impact on our learning experience. It is essential to understand the learner’s motivation or willingness to grasp new skills or knowledge and apply them competently and consistently.

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Foundation Award in Training Delivery

We provide a 2-day train the trainer course to ensure SMEs have the skills to engage with learners and deliver training in ways that encourage retention and workplace application.  This will result in achievement of the ‘Foundation Award in Training Delivery’ and does not count towards a TAP Diploma. However a 2-day upgrade programme is available should delegates wish to become full time trainers and complete the full TAP Training Delivery Certificate.

In addition to ensuring effective implementation and best ROI, this SME train the trainer course also creates;

  1. A Quality Assurance Benchmark demonstrating training excellence
  2. Trust in the applicability and reliability of training and learning events
  3. A positive culture by creating an appetite and excitement for delivery
  4. Increased confidence in training and capability in relaying key messages
  5. Consistent approach to the structure and style of delivery