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This train the trainer starter programme is ideal for anyone beginning their career in training. Trainers first need to have an understanding of how people learn. Then, they need the skills to engage with the learners and deliver learning in ways that encourage both retention and application. This programme provides the new or inexperienced trainer with the knowledge and skills required to deliver interactive and participative classroom training, underpinned by a sound understanding of a wide range of learning theories, and helps trainers to consider strategies to manage behaviours that can impact the achievement of the session objective. 

What's included in the course

  • Assessment
  • Online workshop: Managing Challenging Behaviours 

What the delegates will learn

  • Considering their learners
  • Preparing for a learning event
  • Structuring the learning event
  • Facilitating the learning event
  • Employing questioning skills
  • Establishing and maintaining credibility
  • Selecting methods and media
  • Employing a balanced approach
  • Strategies for managing challenging behaviour
  • Realigning learner behaviour 

Next steps

  • Training Delivery Part B - engaging with learners

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