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TAP Learning qualifications are universal courses that have been designed for all sectors of business.

What makes our Learning and Development qualifications unique is that they incorporate an impartial assessment methodology to ensure consistency in the delivery of learning. This means that they can be benchmarked against pre-defined criteria to ensure the quality of learning is maintained.

Many Learning and Development Professionals choose TAP courses, not just because of the fantastic learning experience from some of the best trainers in the industry, but because of the impact which that learning has once they are back in their organisation.

They say that TAP Qualifications result in internal satisfaction scores, improved net promoter index scores, higher attendance rates for their courses, increased employee engagement, reduced costs and improved alignment with company goals and objectives. 

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Benefits of TAP Learning

Skills Framework

A framework of over 22 short, modular, skills-based certificated development programmes

Upskill Your Team

Created to improve the quality and effectiveness of training

TAP Assessor Programme

Internal TAP Assessors can train your in-house TAP-Certified Trainers in design, delivery and eLearning, enabling you to maintain and develop the quality of your training functions.

Learning Transfer

TAP Qualifications help you make the most of the learning and development that has been invested in you and your team, by giving you access to the unique MACRO Learning Transfer model.

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