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Originally our decision to invest in TAP training came from a requirement from the Department of Transport for all companies delivering security based training to have a level 3 or equivalent training delivery qualification. However, it was the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate Quality Assurance and have a consistent benchmark.

TAP provided 14 of our trainers with a 5-day onsite Training delivery course, and 2 public schedule courses at their offices in Coventry. The feedback on the course itself has been incredibly positive across the whole team and it’s resulted in fully qualified trainers (keeping within the regulations) and allowed us to have a consistent standard approach across the team which is being displayed daily.

We are still working with The Training Foundation to continually improve skills and regularly monitor, assess and quality assure the training delivery skills across the team.

Company within the aerospace sector

As a leader in the automotive industry, training and development has constantly been high on our priority list. We’ve always attended internal certification delivered from Germany, but we were looking for a complimentary skills development programme to support our core Learning & Development team.

Since we discovered TAP, they have worked closely with us to define a core competence for each job role, which all Instructors and Designers attend in the first 12-18 months of their role with VWG. This has helped hugely with consistency and it’s enabled the employees to get the most out of their role, supported by a structured framework. Subsequently we have worked with individual managers to look at the most relevant skills to further develop their internal teams including NextGen Manager (to improve employee engagement), Online Facilitation Skills (to support delivery of live, online learning and classrooms) and Coaching Skills.

Further to the recognised structured development through TAP, it was important for us to maintain these high standards within our Learning & Development team so we have established our own internal quality-assurance team to assess our employees so that Delivery Skills continue to operate at the TAP benchmark level.

The feedback from our employees is always positive and has allowed a consistent and professional approach to development of all learning across VWG. The language used across delivery and development teams has become recognisable by all and their ability to support the modern workplace with skills in Online Facilitation has dramatically improved.

Darren Boseley