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When we first came across TAP training, our main objectives were to protect our leading position by improving employee engagement, upskilling our training and design teams and increase levels of performance so that we continued to remain competitive in the ever-changing Industry.

Over the last 4 years, we've booked 27 delegates onto the three day training course and 11 delegates onto the L&D management courses. Two of our employees have completed the L&D Consultancy Diploma which also includes Training Needs Analysis Courses and Learning Transfer courses.

TAP training has become a huge part of our Learning and Development structure and has helped us to improve consistency across the whole L&D Team.

Mark Rainbow
Head of Training Delivery & Facilities
BT OpenReach

TAP has given us the opportunity to provide role specific skills development to provide a consistent level of learning across the business and learning academy.

It’s provided us with a clear career pathway for the development of our trainers, which we’ve separated into two phases. The first phase is developing a consistent approach to delivery skills, with an Assessor team in place to maintain the investment we’ve made in skills.

In phase two, our design team will be upskilled to provide a consistent methodology that compliments delivery methodology and ensure that learning is taking place.

There’s been a great internal buzz around working towards TAP standards. The business is already using ‘TAP’ language around delivery and there’s an internal confidence around how they can deliver courses consistently. We can’t wait to get stuck into the next phase, because we’ve already felt the benefit and we’ve only just begun!

Company within the Communications Sector

When you’re number one you can’t use the competition to benchmark yourself because you are the benchmark! What we needed was an industry standard for our training community that we could adopt as our own.The Training Foundation was the perfect fit for us.

Darren Bezani
Group Training Manager