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TAP training appealed to us the most over other L&D certifications because it offers short practical skills-based accessible programmes that easily transfer back into the work place. 

We liked the idea of being able to maintain our great reputation by upskilling our team further in short doses and in a way that could be easily implemented. 

In total TAP trained 14 delegates in Learning Needs Analysis, 7 delegates in L&D Consultancy and 10 in Essentials L&D consultancy, and the Training Foundation team came to deliver on-site for us making it easier logistically and enabling us to keep the courses focussed and relevant to our organisation. 

Since the trainers have been upskilled in their specific roles, we’ve seen direct improvements in performance and we’ve been able to measure improvement in quality, consistency, standards and professionalism. TAP has made a huge difference to the way the team operates and morale has been heightened.

Company within the local government sector