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TAP training has provided us with the opportunity to create a clear pathway for the L&D professionals within our organisation. We thought that to effectively upskill our colleagues to improve overall performance it was necessary to have highly skilled L&D professionals with the right quality standards across different business units.

TAP training delivered not only the skills and knowledge our L&D professionals require but also provided us with a clear performance assessment to ensure competencies are constantly maintained and improved.

TAP upskilled two of our business partners to become proactive L&D Consultants. Our face-to-face trainers attended the Certificate in Delivery Skills course which has helped to create a consistent benchmark for delivery. Our instructional designers attended the Certificate in Design and Evaluation course, again, enabling more consistency in the development of learning interventions. Our team supporting digital learning also attended the Certificate in e-Learning Design, helping them to explore other ways of engaging with delegates through online learning.

As well as receiving excellent feedback from our learners and also L&D professionals, our designers have reviewed some of our courses to apply the best practices learned during the training. In some cases they have managed to reduce the length of the training achieving better outcomes from the learners which is a great cost reduction and an immediate return on investment.

Demonstrating we have a skilled team with high quality standards also provides us with a unique proposition and places us in a great position to compete for new contracts and business development opportunities. 

Maria Cerezo

MAXIMUS UK Human Services (Remploy & MAXIMUS People Services)

Being market leaders in our industry we realised that to protect our position we needed to stay on the cutting edge of L&D. Our client feedback and success rates are excellent, forming the foundation of our reputation so to ensure that this continues long into the future we looked to TAP Training to help us achieve a forward-thinking, consistent and interactive approach to our student experience.

Like most companies, we pay close attention to the financials so as an initial step and a quick win we invested in an on-site foundation course. This provided training delivery skills to our project leads team who are the front-line support for our clients throughout their learning experience. The next stage of our journey with TAP will be to support our tutor population with a similar, but more in-depth skills set that enhances our service so both business streams are addressed.

The feedback across the project leads team has been excellent, scoring TAP 10/10 across the board. Individual comments made by delegates suggest a whole new perspective and a structured approach has been instilled. Evidence of the transfer of the new skills into working practice has been displayed almost instantly. Within days of the course one client made the claim that after experiencing the difference in style and approach has provided a huge positive force and increased their level of engagement to a huge degree and provided a breath of fresh air.  It’s clearly making a difference to the student experience. It should also be noted that the impact on the confidence of project lead’s is a huge help to their personal development.

Company within the Professional Services sector

Thank you for a well run and facilitated course which has inspired me to develop a strategy for a new project to deliver e-Learning for my organisation. It covered lots of areas I had not considered before

Alf Ciraolo

Countrywide Lettings