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As an organisation we’re a huge advocate of the TAP training methods.

There is no doubt that the TAP training has influenced the way in which we write and deliver all our courses.

All our new Trainers undertake the relevant TAP training after about 12 months working with us. It helps them to fully understand why we do things the way we do and allows us to keep up to date with any new ideas. One of the great things about the TAP courses is that it allows us to look at all the different aspects of training and then implement those ideas and methods that we know will work with our customers and courses.

We recently sent Holly on several of the TAP courses which has given her the opportunity to spend time learning about new ideas and methods that can be brought back to the organisation. She also has a firmer understanding of the basis for many of the methods currently used within our organisation.

Holly very much enjoys attending the TAP courses and after attending several myself over 10 years ago it appears that TAP are still providing excellent courses with exactly the right focus.

Janet Warner
Shortest Path Training Limited

Initially, as an experienced professional, I didn’t really see the point of attending this course. However, I enjoyed it immensely and during my 40 or so years of ‘adult learning’ have not enjoyed and benefited from a course more

Mark O’Brien

Babcock International